Freight forwarding company in Australia.

If your business is scaling to the point where you cannot handle all the import and export formalities on your own, it is high time you considered employing a reliable freight forwarder. 

General Carrying is one of Australia’s most reputable freight forwarders that has been operating in the industry for almost 25 years. We specialise in third party logistics services, including warehouse and logistics, as well as freight forwarding. We are at are at your service for all your B2B and B2C requirements, national and international. It is our job to arrange the shipping of your goods and cope with all the details included in the process - from arranging storage and packing to transporting, all on your behalf. 

We have you covered

When the idea of scaling your business scares you and makes you feel like you will not have the resources to cope with what awaits, partner up with a freight forwarder. General Carrying is your go-to freight forwarder when you need someone to have your back and deal with all the formalities of the logistics process. Our freight forwarding service includes absolutely everything - from preparation of containers and documents, warehousing, negotiating, booking cargo space, and transportation to customs clearance and shipment/storage monitoring. 

The bottom line is - we will arrange absolutely everything in relation to your import and export needs.  

Scale your business internationally

General Carrying has established a stable network of agents around the world so that we can assist you with all your international transport requirements. We have built connections with the most reliable sea and air carriers and have a fleet of local trucks that provide door to door service to all major cities worldwide.  

We also have the manpower and the equipment to manage any type of container shipments, FCL or LCL. Our professional staff is trained to handle fragile and more sensitive cargo manually when the need for the hand unload arises and thus ensure maximum security. 

Transparent freight forwarding service

Our goal as a freight forwarder is to ensure your cargo arrives at its destination undamaged and on time. However, we know that even when you entrust your goods with the most reliable freight forwarding service provider, you still want to gain insight into the status of your shipment. For this reason, our trace facilities give importers and exporters complete transparency - should you, at any time, decide to inquire about the status of your shipment, you can get information about its movement, departure and delivery times.

Leave the details to us - choose General Carrying as your freight forwarder and rest assured your import and export operations go by smoothly. With us, there are no delays and no additional costs. Our team will take over the formalities so that you can concentrate on growing your business even further. 


General Carrying is one of the longest standing freight companies in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. Clients from around Australia entrust us with their national and international logistics management needs due to the quality of our services.

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To remain one of the leading freight management companies in Australia, we continue to upgrade and improve the quality of our services.