Shipment arriving for customs clearance in Australia.

For all our clients who require our international logistics services, customs clearance management is included in the package at no additional cost. Many businesses restrict their operations to local clients to avoid the complex process and formalities at customs, but with a trusted partner such as General Carrying, you can expand your business. We will take over and take all the necessary steps at the customs to ensure your cargo arrives at its destination safe and sound. 

Since rules and regulations differ from one country to the other, sometimes even from port to port, customs clearance is best to be overseen by an experienced professional. General Carrying employs highly trained and knowledgeable brokers who will ensure the entire process goes smoothly and as quickly as possible. 

What custom clearance entails

When you have a shipment that has to go through customs, you need to keep in mind the following:

  • The shipping container has to be properly loaded to avoid any extensive examination and searches which may cause unnecessary delays. 
  • Complete and accurate information about the shipment has to be provided, which means you will need to do a ton of paperwork on your own. 

Stress-free import and export services

To minimise the stress and time spent on shipping, we advise you to hand over the load to us and shift your focus on other important aspects of your business. We employ an experienced team of people who know what it takes to cover all the steps involved in customs clearance. 

We have been providing international cargo transport services for almost a quarter of the century. In that time, we had the opportunity to familiarise with the rules and regulations of all countries and ports. This allows us to predict potential setbacks and overcome any challenges in advance. Relying on General Carrying to handle customs clearance means your shipment will arrive at its destination safely, without delay and without any additional costs. 

Cost-effective customs clearance Australia

Entrusting your cargo with General Carrying means you are getting an all in one solution for all your international export and/or import needs. Since interstate cargo shipping includes transport, warehousing and storage, the costs can quickly accumulate when handled separately and without an expert present to manage customs clearance. We will make sure your shipment is transported to its destination without a glitch and without any delay.  

All-in-one container transport solution

In addition to customs clearance, General Carrying is at your disposal to handle all trucking, shipping, and port operations. We have the required resources to transport your cargo to its destination as quickly and safely as possible. No matter the type or size of the containers, rest assured we have the vehicles, equipment and the manpower to cope with any challenge.

We are one of the experts in customs clearance within Australia, with the ability to handle all customs matters in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. Our team has the ability to efficiently process all goods through customs in Australia.

General Carrying is ready to meet your specific requirements - get in touch to ask qny questions about customs clearance in Australia.