Truck arriving for container cartage and unpacking in Australian warehouse.General Carrying is among the top container cartage service providers in Australia. We offer safe and practical container transport solutions for bulk and general cargo to all major cities around the world. We are headquartered in Australia but manage shipments for diverse industries locally and internationally. This means that even if you need container cartage in Brisbane, you can send your shipment to any location in Australia or across the globe. 

Container Transport & Logistics

We guarantee successful transport and unpacking of your goods by employing only the utmost professionals who know how to handle any type of container. Our team makes sure to always create a detailed transport plan to maximise the safety of your shipment and outline the specifics regarding your requirements. As a part of our container cartage service, we take care of all paperwork and customs formalities for international shipments. The costs also cover local trucking, port operations, shipping, and air cargo if needed.  

Transport of High and Low Volume Shipments 

General Carrying team is happy to take the load off your back, no matter the size. No job is too big or small for us as we have adequate equipment and vehicles to manage both full (FCL) or part (LCL) container shipments. We utilise only cutting-edge forklifts and well-maintained trucks for pickup and delivery, thus reducing emissions and our carbon footprint. Our fleet is kept up to the highest standards and is capable of managing cargo for all types of industries. 

Container Unpacking

The team from General Carrying is known for its attentiveness and precision. We have established a safe unpacking method to maximise the safety of your cargo and we want to make sure that it arrives at its destination intact. How we do it? By using a large covered hardstand for side loader deliveries and docks for trailer unpacks. If you need to transport fragile cargo in smaller containers, you can rest assured that it will arrive in one piece, as General Carrying staff will hand unload the cargo.

Time-efficient Service

Quite often we get urgent inquiries regarding container cartage that has to be conducted as soon as possible. To be able to meet such requests, we organise our trucks to deliver containers from the wharf during the nighttime. General Carrying will do whatever it is in our power to unpack the containers same-day and keep them in our safe storage ready for dispatch ASAP.


Contact General Carrying for more information about our container cartage services. We are quick, efficient and handle the shipment of any size with due diligence. 

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General Carrying is one of the longest standing freight companies in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. Clients from around Australia entrust us with their national and international logistics management needs due to the quality of our services.

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