High racking and double deep racking in Australian 3PL warehouse.Rely on General Carrying regarding all your transportation, warehousing, packing and storage requirements so that you can shift your focus on other key aspects of your business. We are one of Australia’s most widely-praised 3PL warehouse facilities which offer solutions for a range of industries that require a long term and/or short term storage solution. 

Safe and Secure Storage Facilities 

Storying your merchandise in our 3PL warehouse in Sydney or Melbourne allows you to scale your business and meet varying demands. Our storage facilities meet the safety standards and offer absolute security for your containers. This will minimise the stress during peak times and provide a better experience for your clients. What is more, General Carrying provides national and international transportation and logistics, which means that your stored containers can be shipped to your clients around the globe. Even if you still haven’t tapped into new markets, partnering up with a well-connected 3PL warehouse will help you branch out and establish a worldwide distribution network. 

Covering All Your Storage Needs

General Carrying boasts a large storage facility that contains more than 35,000 pallets, meaning that we are equipped to handle large volume long term storage needs. But no job is too small for our team and we are happy to take over even smaller quantity cargo that you want to store short term. Our 3PL warehouse team provides full pick/pack and order delivery service and we give you access to our customer Interactive Warehouse Management System. It allows you to monitor your storage and get electronic POD’s, stock reports, stock transaction reports and other info you deem essential. 

3PL Warehouse Servicing All Industries

We are one of the rare 3PL warehouses in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth to hold a nation wide HACCP certification. This means that our storage facility passed strict control and proved that it provides a safe environment for the storage of goods from the food industry. General Carrying also went a step further and aside from ensuring safe long term and short term storage for the food industry requirements, we also equipped ourselves with adequate vehicles and truck fleet to offer secure shipment to any local or international location. 

We have also obtained a QAP certificate, which means that our 3PL warehouse is a Quarantine Approved Premise that has the necessary tools and provides an appropriate environment for handling items and materials subject to quarantine.

Contact General Carrying for more information about our short term and long term storage of goods. Our 3PL warehouse can meet the needs of even some higher volume storage requirements and we service a diverse range of industries. 


General Carrying is one of the longest standing freight companies in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. Clients from around Australia entrust us with their national and international logistics management needs due to the quality of our services.

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