Driver with phone

To our Valued Customers,

We have an update from Pacific National regarding the recovery site works from the  derailment is progressing ahead of schedule.  Below is the updated estimate for the track re-opening.

The ARTC have informed Pacific National that the critical site works have progressed better than expected and the scheduled forecast for the track re-opening is now 1500hrs (esst) on Thursday 10th December.

The recovery plan has been reset to accommodate the updated forecast for track reopening. Pacific National will ensure trains currently stabled on the network continue on their journey at first opportunity and that consolidated trains made up of the back log of freight depart as soon as possible.

The local customer service centres will advise freight availability times and receival schedules for the recovery plan.

Pacific National are working on a plan for scheduling the affected trains and should be available shortly.

General Carrying are on standby in all locations for when Rail units arrive in order to turnaround the unload and dispatch in the shortest possible time frame.

We will update you again as information on the resumption of services becomes available.